Sorry guys. I hate to do it like this.

I think most of you knew this was coming, since I haven't been on in quite a number of months.

I just don't have time like I used to, to give the site the TLC that it deserves, and I don't trust anyone else
to run the site as well as I did. It sounds arrogant, but it's true. It's hard to keep quality up. It's almost a full-
time job in and of itself.

Don't worry though, I'm doing well. I'm settling in to adult life and that means less free time than the good old college
days when you didn't really have any responsibilities. Now, it's house, wife, kids, dogs, full-time job... You understand.

Not to mention, it cost about $100 a month to run this site with the traffic volume it had (and the fact
that it was PHP, which is really slow and shitty and hard to make run well - if you're a PHP dev, I feel for you).
I wasn't able to find a payment method where I could take anonymous donations (I looked at Stripe, Square, Amazon,
ChipIn, PayPal (yuck), and even straight up credit card processors like CCBill). None of them offered anything anonymous,
and in some cases I would have to set up a company and get a Tax ID... not something I was willing to do, or had the time to
do, unfortunately.

So, this is the end.

Hey, do me a favor... head over to and show Femur some love.
He's doing a great job over there and I completely support him and his efforts. I encourage you all to support
the artists over there and buy a few premium comics, they're really worth it (no, this isn't a sales pitch for TGC,
I honestly believe they're good enough to cough up some dough for).

A few other places I personally recommend and check on a semi-regular basis are Arania's artwork, deviantArt,
and I know I'm missing a bunch of other sites but I can't think of them now (no, I don't use bookmarks).

Also, it seems Doc's Lab has moved off our hosting and is well on its way to becoming an awesome, modern website. I
encourage you to check it out at

It's been fun. I'm sure I'll see some of you around here and there.

If you want to reach out one last time, I'll try and check my admin@ inbox a few more times, but I can't guarantee
you'll get a response.

See you all next time.